The CHURCH OF CHRIST or Iglesia Ni Cristo, now owns the town of Scenic, South Dakota, after purchasing the 46-acre property for almost $800,000. By the reports from CNBC, the 74 years old Twyla Merrill, a rancher, put the property up for sale two years ago for $3 million, after her health deteriorated due to cancer. She dropped the price in July 2011 to the purchase price of the Iglesia ni Cristo. The Church of Christ has been tight-lipped about their new purchase, reported Rapid City Journal, a local South Dakota newspaper said. So far, there has been no church activity in Scenic to hint at what is to come. No construction permits have been sought or nor have any development plans been presented to the county. The realtor who brokered the deal with the church has confirmed that the church has hired private security teams to protect their land. Power and telephone service has reportedly been restored in the said town.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

South Dakota Secret Purchased

The richest countries like U.S. and Europe in now part of a Global Crisis, the IGLESIA NI CRISTO is Unstoppable to build and purchase more Properties, Buildings, Lot's and other Religious churches building all over the world, South Dakota is part of them.
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